Dosage units G series

Dosage units G series for granule and ground material

Dosage systems G series are ideal for the accurate dosage of materials in form of granule, free flowing ground material and blends, they are made in aluminum and stainless steel.
Available in both gravimetric with single load cell and volumetric version, they ensure accurate and reliable dosage for both continuous and batch systems.
They are used in the plastics sector and thanks to their particular versatility, they are suitable to treat materials with different particle size, fluidity and densities.
The range of G series dosage systems offers a high degree of personalization according to the customer’s requirements. They are designed for single use or for dosage stations consisting of multiple components.


Main features:


  • equipped with ac three phase motors to ensure a long lifetime of the system
  • motor speed controlled by inverter
  • simple and robust structure
  • resistant to wear, requires little maintenance
  • wide range of outputs
  • outlet for sampling operations, in the volumetric version
  • fast emptying and cleaning operations
  • dosing screw easily removable for quick output changes




  DVG   –  dosage unit

  BLW     –  loss-in-weight dosage unit

  MVG  –  mixer

  GLW     –  loss-in-weight dosage unit

  GRAVI  –  dosage unit