Volumetric dosage units DVP

The single screw volumetric dosage units DVP are ideal to dose difficult materials. They are usually employed to dose additives in powder such as CaCo3, TiO2, talc or light ground material.

They are available in several configurations to achieve outputs from 0,5 to 3000 kg/h.

Dosage units have been designed to achieve an accurate and reliable dosage. The predisposition to a quick disassembly allows easy and fast cleaning.

The hopper of the dosage units P series has been designed with a straight wall so as to allow free flow of material.

The shape of the body and the bridge-breaking system have been conceived to avoid material stagnation.

Indicated outputs are based on tests with material in granule having BD 0,60 kg/dmc


DVP dosage units are usually placed directly under the hopper of the extruder. Depending on the requirements, the individual dosage units can be installed in groups of 2 or 3.

Main sectors of use:

– extrusion
– injection moulding
– blow moulding
– recycling


The volumetric dosage units are devices for the dosage provided by means of a screw. The dosage units used singularly operate with a speed variation and their output is determined by the rotation speed of the dosage screw.


– no need to create blends beside the machine
– faster production changes