Volumetric mixers MVG

The dosage and mixing systems MVG are suitable to dose and mix granule and heavy ground material.

Dosing screws are inclined for accurate material feed. Dosage units are installed on a turret located on top of the mixer allowing quick maintenance and making it easier to add further components.

The mixer is spherical to avoid material stagnation.

The dosage and mixing systems MVG can be integrated with a centralized conveying system with controls inside the main operator panel.

Operation of dosage units is controlled by a last generation PLC. Input of dosage percentages occurs by setting work recipes through a functional keyboard and a touch screen display.

Indicated outputs are based on tests with material in granule having BD 0,60 kg/dmc


The dosage and mixing systems MVG can be installed directly on the extruder instead of its feeding hopper or on the ground . Mixers are equipped with DVG dosage units.

Main sectors of use:

– extrusion
– injection moulding
– blow moulding
– recycling


The dosage and mixing systems MVG allow a continuous feeding of the extruder. The operation cycle of the dosage units is tied to a capacitive level sensor that maintains a constant level of material inside the mixer.


– no need to create blends beside the machine
– faster production changes